Automation Solutions

Botrista is on a mission to bring the next revolution to making beverages. We're starting by making robotic automation simple, affordable, and ubiquitous.

Cloud Bar.png

The Botrista Cloud Bar is the world’s most advanced fully-automated drink system created specifically for restaurant owners to offer premium specialty drinks with minimal labor.

  • More profit than selling fountain drinks

  • Minimum setup and cleaning

  • Customizable menu based on customer preferences

  • No upfront machine cost

  • Small footprint for space savings

  • Fast preparation time

  • Automatic ordering and delivery of consumables

The Cloud Bar includes a subscription to new and trendy drink recipes and ingredients from Botrista’s Drink Library. Restaurant owners can improve customer experience by pick and choose what they want in the library, including new and seasonal drink items.

  • Access to hundreds of exclusive drink recipes

  • Easily change and experiment with new menu items

  • Enhance brand image with premium healthy drink selections

  • Receive customized drink recommendations every month

  • Promote drinks on social media and review sites