Backend Engineer

Taipei, Taiwan | Engineering | Full Time

As a Backend Engineer at Botrista Robotics, you will work on our next generation robotic system and accessory product. You'll be a member of the in-house software engineering team that will work with our industrial design, mechanical engineering, business operations and manufacturing teams.

​We have consultant in Silicon Valley help design the structure and develop the algorithm, and outsource part of work to contractors in Taipei. We need Software lead in-house to help communicate and drive the projects with contractors. Also, do hands-on work like writing the code for the handshake between windows and robot. Right now we're building couple things:
1. New Generation Robotic Self-Checkout Store
2. AI Demand Forecasting Software
3. Shop management AI Autopilot Model
4. New Retail Model and Fresh Supply Logistic

Desired Skills
How to Apply

Please send us your CV,a link to your portfolio and Github that can showcase your previous work experience or projects.

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