Automation Solutions

Botrista is on a mission to bring the next revolution to making beverages. We're starting by making robotic automation simple, affordable, and ubiquitous.


A Tea Bar That

Runs Itself


The Botrista Tea Bar is the world’s most advanced fully-automated drink system created specifically for restaurant owners to serve crafted fusion teas with minimal labor.

  • More profit than selling soft drinks

  • Hassle-free, minimum setup and cleaning

  • Customizable beverage menu

  • Integrated settings for ice/sugar levels

  • No upfront machine cost

  • Small footprint for space savings

  • Fast preparation time

  • Automatic ordering and delivery of consumables


The Smartest Way of Cooking Boba


The Automatic Boba Cooker is built to deliver the highest quality boba, while automating the time-consuming and hazardous cooking process to ensure safety and eliminate manual operation and supervision.

  • Recoup investment in 6 months

  • Improve labor efficiency by 60%

  • Reduce training time to minutes

  • Customize settings to your recipe

  • Improve workplace safety

  • Guarantee consistent quality boba

  • Save 1 hour of labor every morning with the pre-cook function



Automatic hot water drainage to eliminate scalding.
Automatic rinsing to wash and remove boba residue.

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Precise water flow and temperature control to achieve consistent quality.
No need for manual simmering or stirring.


Fast Training

Train your staff in less than 5 minutes with a simplified one-touch cooking process.


Time Saving

Reduce walking distance by 5x, from 200 ft. to less than 40 ft.

Schedule the cooking start time and have boba ready for when the store opens each day.