The Smartest Way of Cooking Boba

The Smart Boba Cooker is built to deliver the highest quality boba, while automating the time-consuming and hazardous cooking process to ensure safety and eliminate manual operation and supervision.

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Complete 15 Steps with Just 1 Button

Cook boba with the touch of a button which starts the process of injecting water, heating, dispensing raw boba, heating, stirring, simmering, draining water, and final rinse.


Automatic hot water draining to prevent scalding.
Automatic rinsing to wash and remove boba residue.


Precise water flow and temperature control to achieve consistent quality.
No need for manual simmering or stirring.

Fast Training

Train your staff in less than 5 minutes with a simplified one-touch cooking process.

Time Saving

Reduce walking distance by 5x, from 200 ft. to less than 40 ft.

Schedule the cooking start time and have boba ready for when the store opens each day.

Key Benefits

Quantifiable Benefits

  1. Save 1 hour of labor every morning with the pre-cook function
  2. Save at least 15 mins of labor for each batch of boba
  3. Return on investment: 6 months
  4. Labor cost savings: ~$9,600 annually

Intangible Benefits

  1. Improve workplace safety
  2. Reduce training time to minutes
  3. Minimize skill level for staff
  4. Guarantee consistent quality boba
  5. Customize settings for proprietary recipes

"Technically great!"

This thing is a real game changer! Perfectly cook boba in less than 60 minutes. All I have to do is throw bobas in there and turn it on. Highly recommended for all tea shop chains; it makes cooking boba effortless and painless!

Shawn B / Boba Tea House

Technical Specs

Cooking Capacity

1.1 – 6.6 lb

0.5 – 3.0 Kg

Machine Dimension

3Kg / hour

13"(W) x 12" (D) x 23" (H)

33 (W) x  59 (D ) x 59 (H) cm


69.5 lb

31.5 Kg

Power Requirement

AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 18A


Water Inlet

3700 W

Diameter of Water Inlet

Diameter Of Draining

2 water inlet ports -- one hot water and one cold water is preferred.  The machine can also work with only a cold water inlet.

½” Male National Pipe Thread (NPT)

¾” Male National Pipe Thread (NPT)

Cooking Capacity

Cooking Capacity

Cooking Throughput

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